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Letter from the Editor


The second conference named " Orthotherapy: interdepartmental and interdisciplinary interaction in clinical orthotics and rehabilitation” took place on May 18-19, 2018 in St. Petersburg. As in 2016, the task of the event was to bring together orthopedists, traumatologists, rehabilitation specialists, orthotists, prosthetists and health care organizers to discuss management of difficult conditions in patients with neuroorthopedic pathology, malformations, spine disorders and sequelae of injuries. Most reports and discussions were devoted to the problems of interaction between different services in the conditions of economic and organizational problems. There were more than 150 healthcare workers among the participants, and those were not only doctors, but also physiotherapists who made high-quality presentations.

The specificity of the conference (indicated in its title) was an active discussion after each presentation, which was sometimes more time-consuming than the report itself. From the messages and discussions presented by the participants of the forum, it became obvious that there are serious contradictions between specialists of different fields and their approaches to solving the issues outlined in the conference program. Basically, they are related to the imperfection of the legislation, lack of clearly structured interaction on the issues discussed between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and the unsolved serious social and economic problems. Most of the topics were in resonance with organizational obstacles that could be hardly overcome.

Thus, a comprehensive assistance to patients with severe motor impairment due to cerebral palsy should be organized according to the principle "24 hours a day, 365 days a year", which is possible only with involvement of family members in the rehabilitation process and aid rendered by medical workers at home. This activity is not included in the OMS standards and can be provided only for a fee. The effectiveness of periodic courses in sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers that are free for patients but rather expensive for the state is questionable without further outpatient support. Also, the urgent issue is the possibility of free high-tech surgical care which can lead to unsatisfactory results if free orthotic support is unavailable

The need for surgical treatment of idiopathic scoliosis can be significantly reduced with a correct and timely bracing therapy. Nevertheless, conservative treatment of scoliosis in Russia, unlike, for example, in Belarus, is carried out at the expense of parents. The cost of the Sheno brace is from 40 to 70 thousand rubles. On the one hand, idiopathic scoliosis is a health problem requiring surgical treatment; on the other hand, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development provides braces. Braces are free for children with a certified disability, but bracing, in turn, is aimed at avoiding it. Given the above, the possible solution of problems in the main nosological groups can only be achieved by creation of special state programs. The program approach has been actively used in developed countries to solve complex interdepartmental problems. Applicants of such projects may be associations of specialists, authorities or public organizations. Decisions are made by inter-expert boards.

Within the framework of the conference, 12 master classes and round tables were held to train in express orthotic fitting, examination of orthopedic patients, rehabilitation and registration of documents for examination. A meeting was held within the framework of the project "Specialists for Parents" with specialists of various fields related to the comprehensive rehabilitation of disabled children. The problems of physical, psychological and social rehabilitation were discussed; information was provided on the interaction with the FSS and medical institutions. Specialists from Kurgan, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Chelyabinsk took floor at the meeting. More than 40 parents took part in the discussion.

The event was broadcast and is available on the website calс

We hope that the conference "Orthoterapy" will be held at least once in 2 years. The conference materials are presented in this issue of the journal. Our journal actively supports interdisciplinary interaction of orthopedic and trauma surgeons, prosthetists, rehabilitation and orthotic specialists. Successful development of our specialty and providing quality care to our patients is simply impossible without this interaction.

A.V. Gubin, MD

President of the Conference

Chief Editor of Genij Ortopedii


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