Is revision-free osteosynthesis an option in perirposthetic femoral fractures about loose uncemented stem? (Case report)

Фирсов С.А., Горохов В.Ю., Шевченко В.П.


The article deals with a rare clinical observation of Patient V., 59 years old, presented with clinical dislocation of the shoulder implant (prosthesis). A consolidated fracture of scapular glenoid edge was revealed by computed tomography, as well as a consolidated fracture of the acromial edge of the left clavicle, glenoid component displacement and the implant stem instability. Despite the recommendations to refrain from revision surgeries the revision arthroplasty was performed using Biomet Comprehensive Reverse implant. The postoperative period was uneventful, an excellent result achieved three (3) months later.


the shoulder joint, endoprosthesis, a periprosthetic fracture, revision arthroplasty


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