Application of bearing transpedicular systems and dynamic fixators of nitinole in spine and spinal cord surgery

Зуев И.В., Давыдов Е.А., Берснев В.П., Ильин А.А., Коллеров М.Ю., Лобода В.А.


The authors have analyzed the results of surgical treatment of 468 patients with different spinal pathology, complicated by compression of spinal cord and its roots (212 patients with traumatic compression, 256 − with compression for spine degenerative-and-dystrophic diseases). Applied in surgical treatment of spine diseases and injuries dynamic fixators of nitinole demonstrate high effectiveness of their use. They allow to achieve the reliable constant internal fixation of spinal fragments or that of the spinal motor segment injured, and carry out the prolonged graduated compression of spinal bone fragments thereby promoting consolidation. The use of dynamic fixators of nitinole makes it possible to maintain spine biomechanics, the probability of progressing the degenerative-and-dystrophic process in spinal intact segments decreases.


spine, injury, diseases, dynamic stabilization, fixators, implants, nitinole


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