Errors and complications in treatment of patients with hallux valgus by transosseous osteosynthesis method

Гохаева А.Н., Неретин А.С., Климов О.В.


Treatment results have been analyzed in 75 patients (132 feet) with hallux valgus, treated at Russian Ilizarov Scientific Centre ―Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics within the period of 1995-2006. All the patients have been operated according to the technologies, worked out at RISC ―RTO‖ with the Ilizarov fixator use in view of hallux deformity severity degree. On the basis of the results achieved the authors have described and analyzed the errors and complications occurred in such patients, as well as the methods of their prevention and timely adequate treatment.


hallux valgus, the technique of controlled transosseous osteosynthesis, evaluation of results, errors and complications


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