The effect of complex conservative treatment on the level of serum cytokines in patients with large joint osteoarthrosis of I-II stage

Аскаров С.Е., Волокитина Е.А., Сазонова Н.В., Чепелева М.В., Швед Н.С.


The effect of complex pathogenetically substantiated conservative treatment including the use of chondroprotectors, non-steroid anti-inflammatory preparations, calcium preparations, physiotherapeutic procedures, exercise therapy, on the level of spontaneous production of serum cytokines (IL-1β, TNFα, IL-6, IL-10) has been studied in 69 patients with I-II stage osteoarthrosis of the knee and the hip. The statistically significant decrease of IL-1β level within 6-24 months, as well as that of initially increased TNFα level in the periods of 12-24 months after conservative therapy start has been revealed in the group of patients with good and satisfactory results of treatment. In case of therapeutic effect absence (pain syndrome remaining) the short-term decrease of IL-1β level has been observed after 6 months and that of TNFα concentration after 12 months since treatment course start. The data obtained are recommended to be used for evaluation of the effectiveness of therapeutic measures in patients with early stages of large joint osteoarthrosis in out-patient conditions.


osteoarthrosis, conservative therapy, immunity, cytokines


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