Surgical treatment of humeral condylar closed fractures in adults by transosseous osteosynthesis method

Бойчук С.П., Самусенко Д.В., Хубаев Н.Д., Крылов В.А.


74 patients with closed distal humeral fractures have been treated. Mean age was 39,2±1,4 years. Closed transosseous osteosynthesis method was used for operative treatment according to the techniques developed at RISC ―RTO‖. It has been demonstrated that reparative processes of the same type for different fractures of humeral condyle can be obtained at the expense of versatility of the major techniques used. The details of transosseous osteosynthesis technology using the Ilizarov fixatior are described depending on fracture type, character, time from the injury.


humeral condyle, surgical treatment, transosseous osteosynthesis, closed fractures, adults


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