Morphological changes in the interdigital space skin of the hands with congenital absence or posttraumatic stumps of fingers in the process of treatment by the technique of transosseous distraction osteosynthesis

Горбач Е.Н., Шабалин Д.А.


The skin integument of interdigital spaces has been studied in 9 patients with skin syndactylia and in 10 patients with finger posttraumatic stumps before and after reconstructive surgeries using the technique of transosseous distraction osteosynthesis. In spite of skin different histological picture in patients with different pathology of the hand before treatment start, the general tendency towards the active growth and thickening of epidermis proliferating layers, as well as to dermal normal structure recovery has been revealed in the stress-deformed state of skin integument under graduated tension.


hand pathology, transosseous distraction osteosynthesis, autodermoplasty


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