Unsolved questions in treatment of deforming osteodystrophy (Paget disease)

Горячев А.Н., Резник Л.Б., Тютюников А.В., Турушев М.А.


Paget disease in clinical practice is rare. By its nature the disease represents the disorder of bone remodeling processes. The etiology still has been studied insufficiently. We have generalized the experience of treatment of 33 patients. The most frequent localization of the process is noted in femur and tibia. Clinical picture manifests itself as pain, limb deformity, as well as malignization is possible. The diagnosis is based on the data of roentgenography, CT, MSCT, MRT. Treatment with bisphosphonates (fosamax) and thyrocalcitonin is effective, but prolonged. Surgical treatment is performed if indicated: osteosynthesis, endoprosthetics, amputations.


Paget disease, conservative and operative treatment


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