Complex roentgen-and-anatomical assessment of the manifestations of lower limb large joint deforming arthroses before and after treatment

Сазонова Н.В., Дьячкова Г.В., Новикова О.С., Бакарджиева А.Н.


Roentgen studies have been performed in 340 patients with deforming arthrosis of the knee, hip and ankle joints, the patients’ age was 18-60 years and above. Complex of measurements, characterizing roentgen-and-anatomical changes in the joints, has been analyzed to assess the degree of dystrophic manifestations with scoring the degree of process severity before and after conservative treatment. The results obtained have demonstrated that idiopathic, dysplastic arthorses of I-II stages dominate in all the groups with more stable values for the hip and the ankle. There were no evident signs of x-ray picture worsening after 1-3 years in 92-95% of patients through the treatment performed.


deforming arthrosis, the hip (joint), the knee (joint), the ankle (joint), roentgen anatomy, conservative treatment


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