Transosseous osteosynthesis techniques in management of patients with closed olecranon fractures

Горбунов Э.В.


This article reveals the urgency of the problem of treating patients with closed olecranon fractures. The clinical-and-statistical characteristic of 103 patients at the age from 7 to 76 years with closed olecranon fractures, who have been managed at the FSI RISC ―RTO‖ within the period of 1970- 2005. New techniques of transosseous osteosynthesis with the Ilizarov fixator have been modified and developed depending on olecranon fracture type. Long-term anatomic-and-functional results of treatment have been analyzed. High effectiveness of the transosseous osteosynthesis technologies used has been demonstrated in treatment of patients with olecranon fractures.


olecranon, fracture, transosseous osteosynthesis, the Ilizarov fixator


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