Transosseous osteosynthesis of Monteggia injuries

Пусева М.Э., Михайлов И.Н., Сидорова Г.В.


Rotation contracture for transosseous osteosynthesis of forearm injuries develops in 30-83 % of cases, and it’s caused by fixation of soft tissues to bone. In case of performing transosseous osteosynthesis for Monteggia injuries both techniques the isolated reposition of ulnar bone fragments and adaption of radial head to radial notch of ulna, are possible acutely or discretely by time depending on trauma duration period. A reposition device allows to move radial head in any plane. Training of forearm rotation movements starts with radius after subsystem dismounting. The range of rotation movements before ulna regeneration completion is 80/0/60. This technology was used for treatment of 15 patients. There were no complications.


forearm reposition, separate transosseous osteosynthesis, rotation contracture of forearm


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