Epidemiology of severe combined trauma in a megalopolis

Габдулхаков Р.М., Тимербулатов М.В., Гараев Р.Г., Хафизов Н.Х.


This work is based on the results of studying 455 victims with a combined trauma, urgently admitted to the reanimation-and-anesthesiology department of the Ufa Municipal Clinical Hospital within 2001-2006. The combined trauma takes place predominantly among the population of able-bodied age (83,3%) and mainly in male subjects (61%), leading to high lethality(36,5%). In most cases combined trauma reasons are traffic injuries (59,6%), high falls (27%), designed injuries (7,7%). Every third person is admitted in the condition of alcohol intoxication. Among the victims of traffic accidents in a megalopolis pedestrians predominate to a great extent (82,3%). For all the cohort the frequency of hospitalizations differs reliably in seasons of year (р=0,021), days of week (p=0,007), time within twenty-four hours (p less 0,001). Understanding through the reasons, regularities of victims’ admissions allows to carry out the work on warning prevention.


combined trauma, epidemiology, megalopolis


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