The experience of treating patients with patellar extension dislocation

Шевцов В.И., Буравцов П.П.


The experience of surgical treatment of 11 patients with patellar extension dislocation of congenital etiology has been summarized. In two of them surgery has been performed for both knees. The techniques of preoperative examination are described, as well as indications for the surgical treatment, and its performance. The surgery was used, directed to decreasing the angle of m. vastus lateralis tendon insertion to m. rectus femoris tendon and patella, strengthening its tendinous-and-ligamentous apparatus, as well as the fibrous capsule of the patellofemoral joint from inside. In case more than 10-mm lateral displacement of the patellar ligament it was moved medially. In case of patella high setting it was brought down by the amount required, calculated before surgery. After surgery patellar fixation was performed with the Ilizarov device, configuration of which gave the possibility to start of the knee training early. Good result was achieved in all 14 cases.


the knee (joint), dysplasia, patellar extension dislocation, diagnosis, surgical treatment


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