Errors and complications for treatment of forefoot deformities

Тертышник С.С., Атманский И.А.


181 patients with acquired forefoot deformity have been treated on the basis of the traumatological department of Nongovernment Public Health Institution Railway Clinical Hospital of the Chelyabinsk station of “Russian Railway” Open Joint Stock Company; the patients were subjected to correction of 324 feet. The total number complications was 9,9% (32 cases. While analyzing the causes of complications, 4 main groups of errors were found: errors of preoperative planning; intraoperative errors; errors of postoperative management; combined errors. Among them the greatest number was associated with the errors of preoperative planning (density – 43,8%) and postoperative management (density – 28,1%). Careful preoperative planning and the developed technological card of patient management in the postoperative period have allowed to reduce the number of complications.


forefoot deformity, correcting osteotomy, errors, complications


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