The characteristic features of bone regeneration and reorganization after deformity corrections in patients with vitamin D-deficient rickets and vitamin D-resistant one

Дьячкова Г.В., Рязанова Е.А., Дьячков К.А., Корабельников М.А.


The analysis of lower limb x-rays has been made in the process of treatment, after treatment and in the long-term period in 92 patients at the age of 4-38 years for the purpose of studying the characteristic features of bone tissue reorganization at different stages of surgical treatment and revealing the roentgenological backgrounds of deformity recurrence development in patients with rickets-like diseases (30 patients with vitamin D-deficient rickets and 62 patients with vitamin D-resistant rickets /phosphate-diabetes/).


vitamin D-deficient rickets, vitamin D-resistant rickets, lower limb deformities, transosseous osteosynthesis


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