SLPS ZAO “Altimed” implantation system: the experience of primary and revision endoprosthetics of the hip

Волокитина Е.А., Вишняков А.А., Каминский А.В., Камшилов Б.В., Максимов А.Л., Ефимов Д.Н.


The work deals with the constructive features of SLPS ZAO ―Altimed‖ (Belarus) hip endoprosthesis, its advantages and shortcomings, technological aspects of acetabular and hip component implantation and removal in the process of primary and revision interventions. Long-term results of 708 (650 total and 68 hybrid) primary implantations were analyzed as follows: excellent results were obtained in 171 (24,1%) of cases, good ones – in 453 (64%) of cases, satisfactory – in 59 (8,4%) of cases and unsatisfactory results (prosthesis instability) – in 25 (3,5%) of cases. The author propose engineering solutions, which allow to improve the results of endoprosthetic surgeries with the help of this system (SLPS ZAO ―Altimed‖) as well as to reduce intraoperative blood loss, intervention time and invasiveness.


SLPS ZAO ―Altimed‖ endoprosthesis, the hip (joint), primary endoprosthetics, revision endoprosthetics


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