The condition of cerebral hemodynamics and microcirculation in children of primary school age with headache of muscle tension type

Дмитриева О.В., Дьяконова Е.Н., Лобанова Л.В.


The condition of cerebral hemodynamics and microcirculation has been studied in 105 children at the age of 7-10 years with episodic and chronic headaches of muscle tension type. The changes in the tone of arterial bed vessels up to spasm condition (with the predominance of increased vascular tone of mainly vertebrobasilar area in children with chronic headache) are demonstrated in the article, as well as the tension of regulatory mechanisms in microcirculation system which leads to sharp decrease of microvascular reactivity, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to venous outflow impediment, that are accompanied by capillary blood flow decrease. Possibly, the factors revealed play a defining role in the development and progress of cephalalgic syndrome in chidren of primary school age and require correction.


головная боль напряжения, дети, гемодинамика, микроциркуляция


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