Microsurgical discectomy according to Caspar for treatment of patients with lumbar disc herniae

Азизов М.Ж., Нуралиев Х.А., Толипов Х.Р., Шавкатов Б.Ш.


The work deals with the author’s experience of surgical treating 54 patients at the age of 20-70 years with lumbar disc herniae. Microsurgical discectomy was performed according to Caspar's technique and with the help of Aesculap set of microsurgical instruments. Indications for surgical treatment have been worked out, and the results of treatment have been analyzed. By the author's findings, microsurgical discectomy is a modern and highly effective method of treatment. Good and satisfactory results have been achieved in 54 (100 %) patients as a result of microsurgical discectomy use.


lumbar spine, disc hernia, microsurgical discectomy according to Casper


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