Our experience of surgical treatment of compression nuropathies

Ренц Н.А., Булгаков И.О., Шпилевой В.В., Шпилевая Н.А., Булгаков О.П.


Compression neuropathies – injuries of peripheral nerves as result of compression, which influences either by an external force or by a nearby anatomical structure. At present the problem of compression neuropathies is a very urgent one due to a lot of patients suffering from this disease. Carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome are the most common CNs. 36 patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (29 females, 7 males) and 17 patients with cubital tunnel syndrome (1 female, 16 males) have been operated on in the Togliatti clinical hospital No. 5 within the period of October 2006-October 2008. Positive dynamics was observed in all the patients in early postoperative period, during control examinations and electromyographic studies.


compression neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, electromyography, Tinel sign


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