The results of discectomy analysis in patients with lumbar osteochondrosis

Азизов М.Ж., Симонович А.Е., Нуралиев Х.А.


Retrospective study of 464 patients with spinal osteochondrosis has been performed. On the basis of analyzing the results of treatment using traditional discectomy intraoperative complications have been revealed in 72 patients (bleeding from epidural veins, dural damage, root injury), immediate postoperative complications – in 86 patients (hematoma, liquorrhea, wound suppuration, spondylodiskitis, instability, non-eliminated hernia) and long-term ones – in 90 patients (hernia recurrence at the operated and/or adjacent levels, epidural fibrosis, spondyloarthrosis and stenosis, instability). Surgical intervention was performed by traditional interlaminar approach with expansion to hemilaminectomy and laminectomy. Studying the data obtained has demonstrated that the unsatisfactory results of surgeries and significant number of disease recurrences are accounted for standard using techniques of the same type for patients of heterogenous group. For the purpose of the best results of patients’ medical and social rehabilitation the authors propose to make decompression-and-stabilizing surgeries performed by posterior surgical approach.


lumbar osteochondrosis, discectomy, analysis of complications


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