Clinical-and-genealogical criteria of Scheuermann disease and idiopathic scoliosis pathogenetic unity

Мяделец Д.Н., Корниясова Е.В.


Clinical-and-genealogical studies of Scheuermann disease (SD) and idiopathic scoliosis (IS) have been performed comparatively in 35 families of probands with SD (532 subjects). 35 probands with SD at the age of 14-19 years have been subjected to clinical-and-roentgenological examination/ as well as 212 members of their families of 1st-3th relation degree at the age of 14-65 years. The clinical-and-genealogical and clinical-and-roentgenological examinations of proband relatives have revealed 124 (58,5%) patients with both SD and IS, among them 84 (67,7%) patients suffered from SD and 40 (32,3%) – from IS. As it turned out, SD was observed mainly in male subjects and idiopathic scoliosis – mainly in female ones. The results of the study made demonstrated mixed inheritance of SD and IS in a separate family.


Scheuermann disease, idiopathic scoliosis, inheritance


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