Biocompositional and osteoplastic materials for intervertebral bone block formation

Ардашев И.П., Черницов С.В., Подорожная В.Т., Кирилова И.Ю., Афонин Е.А., Веретельникова И.Ю.


Experimental studies of “Kollapan” and “Kostma” materials are presented in this article. The experiments were performed in 97 laboratory rats of Wistar line, involving their tail spine. The change in reparative osteogenesis was traced for penetrating fractures of vertebral bodies with biocompositional and osteoplastic material plasty using roentgenological, morphological, densitometrical methods of study dynamically, that demonstrated the materials to be biocompatible, gradually resorbed matrices, on the surface of which new bone was formed.


spine, fractures, regeneration, biomaterials


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