Etiology and pathogenesis of femoral head aseptic necrosis

Коваленко А.Н., Ахтямов И.Ф.


Aseptic (avascular) necrosis of the femoral head (ANFH) remains a subject of close attention of specialists. Mainly affecting young, able-bodied persons, the disease leads to severe disability. Active use of arthroplasty has relieved stresses in definitive rehabilitation of patients, however, possible long-term consequences of early endoprosthetics in these patients make ponder over alternative methods of treatment at the early stages of the process. Based on studying the current aspects of etiopathogenesis evaluation, the authors consider the possibilities of influencing the mechanisms of ANFH development and working out the variants of its conservative treatment.


aseptic necrosis, femoral head, etiology, pathogenesis


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