The potentials of I. Ponseti technique in treatment of clubfoot typical and non-typical forms in children above 2 years

Рыжиков Д.В., Ревкович А.С., Губина Е.В.


Aim: to determine the potentials of I. Ponseti technique in treatment of clubfoot typical and non-typical forms of severe degree depending patient’s age. 28 patients were included into the study: 12 boys, 16 girls (totally 36 clinical cases: 1 deformed foot – 1 clinical case, 1 patient with bilateral clubfoot – 2 clinical cases) with foot deformities of severe degree for congenital clubfoot, who were treated in the period from June 2009 in the Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute: in 19 clinical cases I. Ponseti classic technique was used, in 16 treatment was performed according to the technique described by the authors using a transosseous fixator, in 1 clinical case correcting cuboid bone osteotomy was made additionally with wedge movement onto the medial sphenoid bone. Right-sided deformity occurred in 12 patients, left-sided one in 8, bilateral one – in 8. В возрастных The patients in age-related groups were distributed as follows: from 0 months to 1 year – 12 clinical cases (in overwhelming majority of cases in this group treatment started before the age of 3 months), from 1 year to 2 years – 13 clinical cases, 2 years and above – 11 clinical cases. On the average, in all the patients after performing 3-5 plastering stages according to I. Ponseti classic technique practically complete correction of all clubfoot elements was achieved (including 22 clinical cases, in which комплексе surgical interventions were made in the complex of treating measures). Currently all the children treated are undergoing the stages of rehabilitation with obligatory brace application. The observations demonstrate stable results, the functional preservation of feet joints and roentgenological intactness of intraarticular formations. Feet deformity treatment according to I. Ponseti technique is effective for patients below 2-year age, and at the above age I. Ponseti technique should be combined with surgical correction of feet deformities.


congenital feet deformities, clubfoot


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