Roentgenological classification of the hip congenital dysplasia

Макушин В.Д., Тепленький М.П.


The results of roentgenological examination of 250 patients with the hip congenital dysplasia at the age of 2.5-16 years have been analyzed. The roentgenographic measurements of articular components and the character of their relations corresponded to their age norm in 47 joints. As for the remaining joints, the underdevelopment of acetabulum and proximal femur of different degree had place in them. The roentgenological classification of the hip dysplasia has been developed on the basis of the character of proximal femur deformity and the orientation of femoral head with regard to acetabulum. The use of this classification enables to approach the selection of optimal rehabilitative measures in children with the hip underdevelopment of different degree individually.


congenital dysplasia of the hip, classification


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