Fixion intramedullary fixation system in treatment of fractures, pseudoarthroses of long bones

Барабаш А.П., Барабаш Ю.А.


The intramedullary system of fragmental fixation for long bone fractures has been advancing in correspondence with technical progress. The introduction of the intramedullary blocking osteosynthesis into practice for treatment of long bone fractures, pseudoarthroses, which has been recently called «the gold standard» in traumatology, competes with Fixion intramedullary fixation system (Disc-o-Tech, Tel Aviv, Israel). This work deals with rarely used in the RF new system of self-locking an intramedullarily inserted nail throughout the intramedullary canal extent. Technical scopes for the nail are described, as well as those for osteosynthesis of long bones in femoral, humeral, leg segments in case of different pathology and fractures. Indications are designated, treatment results in 15 patients are demonstrated. Obvious advantages of this method have been reported in comparison with the intramedullary blocking osteosynthesis, and the authors’ first impressions have been stated.


bone fractures, pseudoarthroses, intramedullary osteosynthesis, Fixion system


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