Transosseous osteosynthesis in treatment of patients with chronic osteomyelitis after large joint endoprosthetics

Клюшин Н.М., Шляхов В.И., Чакушин Б.Э., Злобин А.В., Бурнашов С.И., Абабков Ю.В., Михайлов А.Г.


We have gained the experience of treating 42 patients, who, for different reasons, were subjected to endoprosthetic surgeries of large joints (surgeries of the hip in 26 patients, those of the knee – 16 patientsв). All the patients were treated by the technique of transosseous osteosynthesis after implant removal and sequestrenecrectomy performance. After the fixator removal purulent process stopping and weight-bearing recovery were observed in 100% of patients. Arthrodesis was achieved in 34 patients, nearthrosis – in 8 ones. By the data of long-term results, 98,5% of positive outcomes of treatment were revealed, that was manifested in persistent remission of inflammatory process.


chronic osteomyelitis, endoprosthesis, transosseous osteosynthesis, nearthrosis, arthrodesis


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