EMG of patients with scoliosis of I-II degree with different CNS plasticity in case of maintaining m. erector spinae submaximal contraction

Бутуханов В.В., Арсентьева Н.И., Неретина Е.В.


Comparison of the values of spinal muscle EMG statistic characteristics and those of EEG wave structure in patients with scoliosis of I-II degree for prolonged static muscle tension was the main purpose of our study. Examination of m. erector spinae EMG power while isotonic maintaining 50% of the maximal force of voluntary contraction made by the muscle during 30 sec in patients with scoliosis of I–II degree demonstrated that the values of maximal electric activity, frequency, amplitude, amplitude-frequency ratio, high-low frequency ratio were registered in patients with high plasticity of CNS neurodynamic processes and minimal values of the parameters mentioned above – in patients with CNS mean plasticity.


scoliosis of I-II degree, m. erector spinae EMG, EEG, isometric contraction of skeletal muscles


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