Mathematical techniques of information theory in the integral evaluation of anterior tibial muscle endomysium capillaries for leg distraction of different rhythms

Филимонова Г.Н.


In the experiments on 10 adult mongrel dogs in 5 days after closed flexion osteoclasia graduated leg lengthening was started by 1.0 mm per day: by the technique of day-and-night autodistraction – in the I series, and with 4-fold divisibility – in the II one. The animals were removed from the experiment after 28 days of distraction and 30 days of fixation. The transverse ultra-thin sections of the anterior tibial muscle were contrasted according to Reynolds, investigated using JEM-100B transmission electron microscope with 11800x magnification. Ultrastructural-and-stereological analysis was made: image projections of capillaries in their nuclear-free zone with total х44840 magnification were superposed with an open test grid of short segments (1-cm pace), the validity of differences was determined on the basis of Wilcoxon tests and randomization of components for independent samples. In addition, information analysis was made, which characterized the organization level of biological object as an integrated system. The values of information and relative entropy were calculated, as well as the coefficient of redundancy and organization. It has been shown that under the conditions of distraction of little divisibility the signs of increased metabolic activity and intensification of reductive-oxidative processes are characteristic of capillary endothelium, and at the same time the minimal values of the coefficient of redundancy and absolute organization – the indicators of system reliability are noted, as well as the maximal values of information and relative entropy. The undoubted advantage of day-and-night autodistraction has been demonstrated, especially on completion of lengthening period, when the coefficient of redundancy and the absolute organization are 2.4-fold higher in comparison with the technique of 4-fold divisibility, and on completion of fixation period the difference has amounted to 1.2, respectively, the values of information and relative entropy under autodistraction are minimal.


distraction divisibility, anterior tibial muscle, adaptation, endomysium capillaries, vascular endothelium, ultra-structural-and-stereological analysis, information analysis


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