Acceleration of distraction regenerate bone mineralization with blood plasma components

Гребнева О.Л., Ковинька М.А., Аранович А.М., Осипова Е.В.


The effect of blood plasma component injections on maturing limb distraction regenerate bone of recipients during fixation has been studied while performing osteosynthesis according to Ilizarov. Blood plasma components were isolated in dogs during distraction of leg bones. Clinical evaluation was made in 16 patients during orthopaedic pathology correction by the technique of polyfocal multisegmental transosseous osteosynthesis; autoplasma components were infused into distal tibial regenerate bone. Numbering and computer analysis of x-ray pictures were performed. Blood plasma component injections have been demonstrated to induce acceleration of the processes of distraction regenerate bone mineralization, that is reflected by changing the architectonics of regenerate bone’s tissue complex towards breaking mineralization foci up into smaller units and higher rates of its maturing. The results obtained evidence the worth-while use of blood plasma components for the purposes of reparative osteogenesis stimulation.


distraction regenerate bone, mineralization, blood plasma


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