Quantitative and qualitative analysis of dynamoplantograms in patients with talus injuries after treatment according to the Ilizarov method

Долганова Т.И., Мартель И.И., Нарицын В.А.


The study of static and dynamic walking parameters ("DiaSled-Scan" complex, St. Petersburg) was performed in 13 patients with fractures (4 subjects) and fracture-dislocations (9 subjects) of the talus in out-patient settings after their treatment with the method of transosseous osteosynthesis. The qualitative and quantitative estimation of dynamoplantograms enabled to work out the additional criteria for evaluation of treatment results in the patients with talus fractures. Good result of treatment is the increase of anterior-posterior foot coefficient at the expense of the increase of loading on the metatarsal heads, provided the preserved or moderately decreased loading on the heel is maintained. Also, there are no local loading points on foot parts, but according to the additional measurements of local overloading the foot arch was noted to be overloaded during walking. Satisfactory result of treatment means the decrease of anterior-posterior foot coefficient both statically and during walking, and local increase of partial loading on the heel. According to the main and additional measurements of local overloading both statically and during walking, the overloading of the medial and lateral parts of the foot arch was revealed.


talus, fracture, osteosynthesis with the Ilizarov fixator, dynamoplantogram


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