Structure of posture disorders in schoolchildren of Nizhnevartovsk

Батршин И.Т.


The screening of 18,500 schoolchildren in Nizhnevartovsk (Tyumen region) was performed using the technique of optical computer topography. Posture disorders were revealed in 79.5% of the examined children. The study of posture was done in three planes: frontal, sagittal and horizontal ones. A great number of children had posture disorders in several panes simultaneously, therefore one and the same patient can represent posture disorders both in one and another plane. The posture disorder in one plane only was revealed in 27.2% of schoolchildren. There were 10,183 schoolchildren with combined posture disorders in two planes simultaneously (69.2%), and 3.6% were schoolchildren with triplanar posture disorder. Biplanar and triplanar posture disorders represent a multiplanar form and amount to 3/4 of all posture disorders.


monoplanar and multiplanar posture disorder, children, screening, three-dimensional posture examination


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