огнестрельные переломы, последовательный остеосинтез, чрескостный остеосинтез, раненые

Копысова В.А., Каплун В.А., Светашов А.Н.


In the process of treating 180 patients with tibial shaft fractures (111 cases) and pseudoarthroses (69 cases), the procedure of osteosynthesis was combined the Ilizarov device for external fixation with interfragmental compression of bone fragments using the tightening braces with shape memory effect. For the purpose of bone fragments encircling splintage in spiral, oblique and comminuted fractures as well as for autograft fixation, ring-shaped tightening braces were used, while S-shaped braces were used in transverse fractures and pseudoarthroses. The union of bone fragments in anatomically correct position was achieved in 109 (98.2%) patients with fractures and in 65 (94,2%) patients with pseudoarthroses with good functional outcomes.


tibia, fractures, pseudoarthroses, transosseous osteosynthesis


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