Adaptation response features and collagen metabolism under the influence of neuromuscular relaxation

Иванов Д.Г., Подковкин В.Г.


The work deals with the effect of a single session of neuromuscular relaxation on the change in the values of the systems, responsible for adaptation, as well as on that in collagen metabolism in students’ oral fluid. A positive effect of relaxation technique has been revealed on the subjective assessment of general condition and mood, on the decrease of situational anxiety after relaxation procedure. The functional activity of both sympathoadrenal and hypothalamo-hypophyseo-adrenal systems decreased due to the application of neuromuscular relaxation. Moreover, neuromuscular relaxation influenced collagen metabolism, decreasing the level of free oxyproline in oral fluid. Possible mechanisms of the relaxation technique effect on collagen metabolism are diskussed.


neuromuscular relaxation, collagen metabolism, oral fluid


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