Reproducibility error of Lunar Prodigy (Version EncorE) (Prodigy) apparatus-programming complex in studying phantoms and bone structures

Аврунин А.С., Тихилов Р.М., Шубняков И.И., Карагодина М.П., Плиев Д.Г., Товпич И.Д.


The authors have studied the role of reproducibility error of Lunar Prodigy (version Encore) (Prodigy) apparatus-programming complex in solution of the problems of osteoporosis diagnostics (screening) with projection mineral bone density (PBMD) estimation at T-scale and those of individual quantitative BMD dynamics monitoring. It has been demonstrated that the error depends not only upon the object studied, but upon the area of interest as well. In clinical conditions a single measurement is sufficient for screening. For the purpose of PBMD monitoring in order to minimize the reproducibility error up to clinically negligible values five consequent measurements should be done without placement change, and the results should be expressed as an average meaning for each area of interest. To evaluate the complex clinical potentials it is recommended to test it for bone objects, that supplements, but not excludes, its testing for a phantom.


DXA reproducibility, osteoporosis diagnostics


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