The structural reorganization of the skeletal muscle being reinnervized for low-frequency electrical stimulation

Щудло М.М., Щудло Н.А., Филимонова Г.Н., Степанова Г.А.


The histological, stereological and morphometric analysis of structural changes of the anterior tibial muscle subjected to reinnervation has been made experimentally in 7 dogs at an early stage of canine sciatic nerve posttraumatic regeneration under the influence of therapy using «Myoritm» device, which was performed within the period from 4 to 11 weeks after nerve cutting and primary suturing. It has been established that the vascularization of the muscle being reinnervized by the end of stimulation course exceeds not only the non-stimulated control, but even the value of intact muscle, creating the conditions for survival of muscle fibers in atrophic and normotrophic state, as well as for secondary myogenesis activation.


nerve regeneration, muscle reinnervation, electrical stimulation


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