Morphological assessment of tissue reparative regeneration in the zone of pseudoarthroses and long bone defects under purulent infection

Ташпулатов А.Г., Исроилов Р., Яхшимуратов К.Х.


105 patients with pseudoarthroses and defects of long bones for chronic osteomyelitis were subjected to free autoplasty. Among them the morphological investigation of the tissue fragments obtained from the sites of pseudoarthroses and defects with different duration of pyogenic process and characterized by various pathomorphological changes was made in 54 cases. The results of morphological studying the materials from the patients suffering within the period from three to 12 months demonstrated that reparative regeneration of connective-tissue callus was characterized by the development of inflammatory granulation tissue in it, as well as that of pathological metaplasia of connective tissue with focuses of purulent inflammation. When the disease duration was from one year to three years, fibrous or fibrocartilaginous tissue of heterogenous thickness, structure and maturity degree was observed in the zone of bone fragment union, as well as the sites of edema and mixomatosis, focal lymphocytic, macrophagal-and-plasmacytic infiltrates with formation of microabscesses of round or fissural shape. In patients with pathological process duration of above three years the investigations showed that in some cases the formation of cartilage with margins of fibrillar fibrous tissue was observed in the center of fibrocartilaginous tissue.


pseudoarthrosis, long bone defects, osteomyelitis, reparative regeneration, fibrous tissue, morphological investi-gations, auto-osteoplasty


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