The technique of distraction osteosynthesis for skull vault bones in treatment of patients with craniocerebral injury consequences

Худяев А.Т., Дьячков А.Н., Мухтяев С.В., Прудникова О.Г., Михайлова Е.А.


The authors demonstrate the results of experimental study of the technique of skull osteoplastic trepanation in the projection of ischemia focus using an external fixator, as well as the results of its clinical use in 30 patients. The improvement of muscle strength measurements, those of motor and speech activity, as well as that of social adaptation has been observed even at the stage of distraction regenerated bone formation. The most active recovery of function was observed within the period from 14-th to 42-nd day of distraction. The technique proposed has advantages compared to well-known techniques owing to its use functionality and combined solution of treatment and rehabilitation problems.


experimental studies, treatment of craniocerebral injury consequences, skull osteoplastic trepanation, external fixator, distraction regenerated bone


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