The analysis of the characteristic features of contact regenerated bone consolidation in patients with open fractures of leg bones (an ultrasonic study)

Менщикова Т.И., Долганова Т.И., Мартель И.И.


An ultrasonic study of contact regenerated bones has been performed in 14 patients at the age from 27 to 53 years with open fractures of leg bones. Reposition of bone fragments was made using the Ilizarov fixator. Sonography technique use allowed to single out two main types of consolidation for open fractures of leg bones. In case of normal process some isolated vessels were visualized in the zone of regeneration. The increased number of block-like formations in the zone of regenerated bone, as well as the presence of «circumflex» artery evidenced an unfavorable process of consolidation.


contact regenerated bone, consolidation, vascularization, sonography


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