The clinical picture and treatment of long bone refractures in children

Ходжанов И.Ю., Косимов А.А., Байимбетов Г.Д.


Repeated bone fractures in children are one of the main problems in traumatology. This problem is interpreted rather rarely in literature: there is no enough information concerning the use of modern diagnostic methods (MSCT, USE, Dopplerography, Densitometry) for examination of refractures in children. The necessity to solve the problem of treatment for such patients is evident due to high frequency of cases of fracture non-union and pseudoarthroses development. The analysis of treatment of 17 patients was made over the last year in the department of children’s traumatology of Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics. By the results of the study one can see that conservative treatment of repeated fractures yields satisfactory results. The indicators of good outcomes for surgical methods of treatment are higher. The use of current diagnostic methods (MSCT, USE, Dopplerography, Densitometry) has given the possibility to select an optimal method of treatment, which gives good results.


children, long bones, refractures, clinic, treatment


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