The patellar dislocation developed for femoral fracture

Шевцов В.И., Буравцов П.П.


The work deals with the problems of diagnostics and treatment of the patellar dislocation of posttraumatic etiology, which has been revealed for the first time after femoral fracture healing. Seven patients with patellar dislocation of slight degree after femoral fracture treatment were observed. Both the persistent patellar dislocation formed and the knee extension contracture were eliminated by cutting the patellar external supporting ligament, fibrous capsule and by quadriceps mobilization from adhesions. Patellar recurrent dislocation with the knee range of motions not less than 90° was eliminated by cutting the fibrous capsule, the patellar external supporting ligament and by strengthening those structures from the patella inside. Both the correction of femoral distal third deformities and deformed patellar modeling were performed simultaneously if indicated.


femoral fracture, the knee (joint), patellar dislocation, diagnostics, surgical treatment


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