“Happy labor” psychological program

Симонова Т.О., Уманский С.В.


A new approach to psychological preparation of the women for labor is presented in the work. It is based on the principles of synergetics. Within the limits of this theory, a woman is considered as an open system, being driven towards which a psychologist-psychotherapist has the possibility to influence it, changing its configuration. The key moment of the preparation consists in creating a positive attitude towards «happy labor», birth of a healthy child regardless of potential complications during pregnancy. A psychologist, interacting with a pregnant woman, forms a certain structure, an attractor «birth of a healthy child», which has a powerful supporting effect. The only important problem of a woman is reduced to give birth to a healthy child. The first results obtained by preparing women according to «happy labor» are presented.


pregnancy, synergetics, psychologist, happy labor, attractor, birth of a healthy child


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