Treatment of pelvic trauma complicated by urogenital tract injuries

Ушаков С.А., Лукин С.Ю., Истокский К.Н., Никольский А.В., Митрейкин Ю.В.


The aim of the work – to improve the effectiveness of treatment in patients with pelvic trauma, complicated by urogenital tract injuries, using modern techniques depending on the type, severity and localization of pelvic injury and that of urogenital system organs. Retrospective analysis is presented concerning treatment of 58 patients with pelvic bone fractures and the injuries of urogenital system organs within the period of 2005-2009. Current tactical approaches, advantages of modern technique use for treatment of patients with trauma of the kind have been shown by clinical examples, the algorithm of rendering medical care for the victims has been developed. The use of this approach has ensured the restoration of anatomic-and-functional parameters with minimal complications and has allowed to achieve positive results of treatment in 81% of the victims.


polytrauma, pelvic trauma, injuries of urogenital tract


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