Characteristic morphological features of the granulation tissue being formed during transosseous osteosynthesis and under laser radiation influence

Ирьянов Ю.М., Ирьянова Т.Ю., Дюрягина О.В., Ирьянова В.Н.


The effect of laser impulse infrared radiation of therapeutic mode on the granulation tissue formed in the medullary cavity during tibial fracture healing under transosseous osteosynthesis has been studied experimentally in mature linear rats by the methods of light and electron microscopy and morphometry. The reduction of inflammation, the increase of granulation tissue volume, the activation of fibrillogenesis and reparative intramural angiogenesis have been noted. Under laser influence the proliferation of endotheliocytes and pericytes increases, growth vascular buds are formed, as well as endothelial growths and endovasal spreads are formed, localizing in vascular lumens and intramural canals. The characteristic superficial microrelief of endovasal spreads, formed by pericytes of tiled-like arrangement, has been revealed for the first time. As a result of intense formation of capillaries the number of vessels per unit of granulation tissue section area in the experiment increases significantly, while the diameter of vascular lumen decreases in comparison with control. The data obtained are a reason to perform further studies of this kind for the purpose of developing the clinical guidelines on angiogenesis stimulation and using the progenitor cells of medullary cavity granulation tissue for cell technologies.


granulation tissue, transosseous osteosynthesis, infrared laser, intramural angiogenesis, cell technologies


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