Reparative regeneration for treatment of central acetabular fractures accompanied by femoral head subluxation under the conditions of transosseous osteosynthesis (An experimental-and-morphological study)

Силантьева Т.А., Кочетков С.Ю., Ирьянов Ю.М., Кирсанов К.П.


The roentgen-and-histological dynamics of healing transverse intraarticular acetabular fractures with femoral head subluxation has been studied. The data of histomorphometric study evidence high activity of reparative osteogenesis under the conditions of bone fragment stabilization. The effectiveness of using transosseous osteosynthesis method has been demonstrated, being manifested itself in the structural-and-functional restoration of the anatomical site injured, as well as in the reduction of periods of this pathology treatment.


reparative regeneration, acetabular fracture, dystrophic changes in hyaline cartilage, external fixator


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