The effect of bone tissue low-molecular non-collagen proteins with insulin-like properties on the content of proteoglycane components in canine blood serum dynamically for healing of acetabular fractures

Лунева С.Н., Шипицына И.В.


The change in the content of blood serum proteoglycane components has been studied experimentally after peroral and intraarticular infusion of a preparation possessing insulin-like properties during healing of acetabular fractures. Based on the data obtained, comparative characteristic of two ways of the preparation infusion was done. The action mechanism of the preparation with insulin-like properties in case of intraarticular infusion differed from the peroral way of infusion, that was confirmed by different dynamics of changes in serum sulfate and uronic acid concentration.


proteoglycanes, acetabular fracture, intraarticular and peroral infusion


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