MRT-characteristic of leg vessels and muscles in patients after their treatment for closed leg bone shaft fractures by transosseous osteosynthesis method

Дьячкова Г.В., Степанов Р.В., Дьячков К.А., Корабельников М.А.


18 patients with leg fractures have been examined at different stages of treatment using MRT technique. The study was performed with a magnetic resonance tomograph, MAGNETOM Symphony syngo MR SIEMENS (Germany) of magnetic field strength – 1.5 Tc, with postprocessor processing the data obtained using ―Leonardo‖ multimodal station of expert class. MRT-image of intact a. nutricia has been studied, as well as its changes for damage in the long-term period, muscular status of the limb damaged and that of intact one. The cross-section diameter of nutrient artery of the limb injured was more both in the immediate and long-term periods after treatment in comparison with the intact limb (its values amounted to 0.26±0.02 and 0.18±0.02 cm, respectively). While studying the cross-section area of the anterior and posterior groups of leg muscles, it has been revealed that the values of the limb injured were somewhat less, both at the expense of the anterior group and at the expense of the posterior one.


magnetic resonance tomography, leg fractures, vessels, muscles


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