Ultrasonic examination for evaluation of the results of fracture treatment using internal metal osteosynthesis constructions with bioactive covering

Завадовская В.Д., Попов В.П., Григорьев Е.Г., Карлов А.В., Хлусов И.А.


The article deals with the comparative evaluation of consolidation rates according to the data of ultrasound study in patients with long tubular bone fractures treated using bioactive and bioinert metal constructions. 47 patients (30 males and 17 females) with femoral (n=19; 40.4%) and leg bone (n=28; 59.6%) fractures were studied. Surgery was performed using plates with bioactive coating of calcium-phosphate in 24 (51.1%) patients. The surgery for fixation of fragments using bioinert plates of titanium or stainless steel was performed in 23 patients (48.9%). The dynamic of consolidation was traced by ultrasound examination in the periods of 2, 4, 6, and 9-12 months after surgery. Reliable difference in the study results was determined during the first three stages with significance level of p less 0.05, thereby evidencing the advantage of bioactive plates in the process of fracture consolidation.


fracture, ultrasound, examination, consolidation, callus, metal osteosynthesis, plate, bioactive, calcium-phosphate


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