Modification of the echographic scheme in the diagnostics of congenital disorders of the hip formation in infants of the first year of life

Лосева Г.В.


The work deals with the results of comparison of x-ray and ultrasound data in 136 children (272 joints). The modified scheme of marking, when the line of bone rim was drawn through the center of wide echo signal from the lower edge of iliac bone, was used in the joints with insufficiently clear visualization of the lower edge of iliac bone (102 joints). Reliable distinctions have been revealed between the amount of roentgenographic acetabular angle and that of bone rim angle reduced to the x-ray scheme in all the children, as well as the increase of these distinctions for unclear signal from the lower edge of iliac bone and ossification center absence. The use of the ultrasonographic scheme proposed allows to achieve the angle amounts not differed from the roentgen ones reliably.


the hip of the newborn, dysplasia, roentgenography, ultrasonography


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