Management of giant-cell tumors in the knee

Горячев А.Н., Резник Л.Б., Гейко А.И., Еремеев О.В., Тютюников А.В.


The authors have summed up the experience of treatment of 98 patients with benign giant-cell tumors of distal femur and proximal tibia. The diagnostics was based on clinical and morphological data, as well as on those of radiation methods (roentgenography, CT, and MRT). Operative treatment consisted in making organ-saving surgeries. Low incidence of relapses allows to consider tumor resection as a basic method for treatment of giant-cell bone tumors. Resection of segment and its replacement with oncologic endoprosthesis is indicated in case of lytic tumor process.


giant-cell tumor, distal femur, proximal tibia, tumor resection, oncologic endoprosthesis


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